Would A Woman Agree To Be A Side Chick If The Check Is Right?

Women can be very particular when it comes to choosing a man to settle down with. While men are positioned as the “hunters,” it’s the woman who ultimately decides whose proposal she will accept.

Most single women have a laundry list of things they are looking for when it comes to the opposite sex, but does this list get shorter if the guy in question has a large bank account? Many men say yes!

I admit that as a single woman I have a list of things I consider turn-offs when meeting men. I can also realistically admit that when a man is extremely handsome or more importantly is very financially affluent, some of those attributes develop a bit of wiggle room. For example, I am particular about my personal space. I don’t like being touched or grabbed by someone I don’t know. However, I recall being approached by a gentleman a few years ago that grabbed my arm when I walked by. When I turned back to look at him and realized he was handsome all my issues about personal space disappeared. To add, it’s easy to give a bad date one more time if the next date he plans is a trip out of town or to a great event. Who says no to an impromptu trip to an island for the weekend?

Many men feel women’s opposition to cheating is based solely on their financial means. Scott, a 42-year-old building engineer calls hypocrisy when he hears women won’t settle for anything less than a faithful man. “Women will look past the laborer and chase the one guy with money that every chick is trying to get. They would rather share a man who has money than date a broke man who would be faithful to them,” he said.

There are enough ball players, rappers and actors that have stepped out on their girls with little to no consequence to assume this theory could be true. There are so many I don’t really need to point examples out. Years ago, we learned Kobe Bryant gave his wife a $4M ring after her husband was publicly outed for having a one night stand with a hotel employee. The pricey ring made headlines, but countless women stay with famous and or wealthy men through infidelity scandals, some even producing children outside the relationship.

Does money heal their broken hearts faster or is it all just coincidence?

What do you think?

: The principal behind Enchanted Branding & PR, a premier entertainment agency based in Atlanta. She also is a media trainer/ consultant and pop culture analyst. Self-proclaimed feminist and equestrian-in-training